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How do I find materials at MIU Libraries?
Can I search all the resources of MIU Library in one search?
How do I access electronic resources on campus?
Does my MIU ID get me into both libraries?
Who can use MIU libraries?
How do I borrow and renew materials?
Can I return materials to any MIU Library?
What do I do about fines?
How can I get help with my assignment, research paper or dissertation?
How can I get help with Mendeley, Zotero, EndNote or other citation tools?
Does MIU Library have electronic books that I can download?
Can I find a quiet place to study in the library?
How can I reserve my individual Study Unit / Classes?
How do I donate materials to the Library?
How do I print or make copies in the libraries?
How do I ask the library to purchase materials?
Who can use online resources available through the MIU Library website?
I can’t find the answer to my question in these FAQ – where can I get more help?

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