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       JoVE Journal is the first and only peer-reviewed, MEDLINE PubMed-indexed video journal devoted to life science and physical science experimental procedures. JoVE Journal sections include; Behavior, Bioengineering, Biology, Chemistry, Developmental Biology, Engineering, Environment, Immunology & Infection, Medicine, and Neuroscience.

The JoVE Science Education database introduces laboratory essentials ranging from basic methods including centrifugation and DNA gel electrophoresis—to advanced techniques such as chick exovo culturing, patch clamp electrophysiology, and genetic engineering. Each Science Education collection is comprised of 15 introductory videos and up to 75 peer-reviewed application video articles.

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Credo Online Reference Service 

        Credo offers thousands of award-winning and foundational e-eference titles from multiple publishers across all disciplines. With regular updates, this collection includes over 650 titles with particular emphasis on subject encyclopedias and reference handbooks. Subject coverage is especially diverse and equipped to address all key disciplines.

Credo Online Reference Service helps you to:

  • Enhance students’ research experience through access to authoritative, curated reference
  • content and a one-stop exploratory search platform
  • Promote usage of all of your library’s trusted resources with easy linkages
  • Make the transition from print to e-reference without creating silos of content
  • Identify quality resources to support specific disciplines, majors, and degree programs

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      AskZad is the largest digital Arabic database in the world. AskZad libraries feature an archive and an index that includes more than 400,000 various academic, media and cultural published books, theses and research papers and periodicals. Additionally, AskZad features a journal index that provides access to more than 2,000 newspapers and magazines dating back to 1998.

AskZad provides 2,000 Arabic print newspapers and magazines, 120 print newspapers and magazines with online copies, and more than 10,000 online news websites in Arabic and English. Also it provides the ability to view and read copies of original papers and complete texts.

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